June 19, 2010


Don't know exactly,what made me write this post. It was flooding in of some memories and also it's just a feeling from inside who's making me write it.
Schooling in my favourite school, I just loved the way I lived my life. I loved the people around me. I loved the way,they loved me! Can't forget those days.. One thing was common always,love. Love for me, of friends, of parents, family and of the guys who used to fancy me. Yes,even them. And some of them,like me still. Love me still. I just feel bad when I think about it. I know,it isn't possible for me to be with everyone of them but I just...just...feel guilty,bad,disgusted sometimes. How did I be so bad to them? Even they, who are true, deserve love, heaven. But how can anyone love someone so deeply? This is the question, for which I'm never answered.. In fact, no one can answer what is that 'true love'? After years, I respect their feelings and will always do. 'Cause reality, I too know what is loving someone so seriously, what is craving for someone, what is 'ready to die' for someone..
Sometimes, I realize, I have left many people hurt and I really want to apologize but it's too late, I think. But better late than never. I apologize and they forgive. But the thought still sticks in my mind..
At times,when I think about such things, I text him. He answers every query of mine. I dunno, how he does. I don't care how silly I be while asking them, 'cause even he answers those silly questions :). Hope to be the same. Wish to be the same. Hope that I'd never face the situations I mentioned before.. I wish,everything remains the same. I, him, love and it's immortality..