June 20, 2010

The Lady Behind The Mask

Girl crying who just came out of her mother's womb. The kid said,"Mum, I'm here. Aren't you happy? Why are you so worried?" The girl started questioning.. Mother silently kept her aside and started wearing her Burkha as her family members came in to see their new 'victim'. Kid yelled,"Mum,please remove that mask from your face. I want to see you. I want to feel your kiss on my cheeks with your naked lips. I want to touch your naked face. Please come out of the mask mum..your girl wants to feel your warm embrace". The mother smiled at her and said,"Child, welcome to your new world,full of cruelty,misery. There's no more peace for you here. Sorry,I brought you into this world. This cruel world who gives no respect to a girl child. I'm sorry.." And,mother started crying silently. Wiping her tears,the girl said,"Why are you feeling guilty about it mum? Don't worry,I have the courage to fight with this world,full of misery. I promise,I'll make you feel proud about me". Mother smiled,took her close and kissed her.
Mother knew,no matter how much courage we show,we have to be slaves. Slaves of our family. We have to hide behind the mask and along with our face,we also have to hide our voices,feelings,smile,love,hatred..everything.. 
And after few years,the girl went through the same situations. She had to go behind the mask..
.....Read this story in the eyes of an Islamic Lady sitting in front of me with her girl in a train. It was the world which I saw behind her mask. It was a world which everyone knew,but none could help it. 
Why a girl? Girl,because she's physically weak? Because she keeps her mouth shut? Because she's ready to serve you as you want? Disgusting!


  1. good thght...itz smthng dfrnt and gr8..keep writing,plz...

  2. :) You can change the way the world percepts a girl. Be the Girl. The Girlpower. :)

  3. Hi, Sakshi, just came across your blog. Must say, very touching indeed!
    Hope you never run out of inspiration to write such beautiful stuff!

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