August 02, 2010

Far away..

Started here with 9th level of my school, in the Hell city. I came here forcefully as there was no other option left. No matter the City has given me good things as a person but it has given me bad things more. My life was peaceful, why had I to come here? I don't like the crowd but exceptions are still there. The things here have made me smart but more dumb, which I wasn't ever before. I have become more sensitive, emotional, foolish, kiddish, spoiled..

I want to go back there. To my place. I love however it is, whatever it is. At least, people don't ask 'Who are you?' every time instead  of 'How are you?'. These things drive me away nowadays. Away from my routine, away from my present, away from my studies. And I guess, this shouldn't happen.

At the moment, I'm feeling to cry out. Feeling to call him and get convinced by him. No matter however he does that; by scolding; by making me understand or just by talking with me about it. Distance is killing me. Not only the distance from him but also from my own people. The people whom I can call mine. I want to Live this World, my World. I don't want to drive away in every single thing. But above all, it IS disturbing me. A lot.

Maybe, the things which take place are for good of everyone but still I don't want the good if it's this. Want to go back, want to live, want to be with people whom I like, I love. Rather, with people who like me, love me..

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