November 17, 2010

The Dream Wedding

Every girl dreams about her marriage. Even I have always thought how should my marriage be. Silly, but full of fantasy..
I started dreaming about it since I started understanding why my parents stay with each other. :)

Marriage on a hill top with drizzy snow fall. A kinda Catholic marriage. The decorations full of white and baby pink cloths. Flowers with jolly colors as it'll be the most cherishable day of my life. A red carpet spread, for the cousins to arrive to give us blessings. Petals of red Roses spread over the stage where we both will be declared as one..

The Bride will enter in a snow white gown with a net curtain hiding her shy face. The Groom in black suit holding the Bride's arm. As they both walk to the stage, rain of Rose petals over them..

Bride and the Groom stand in front of each other with the loveliest smiles on their faces.. And also with lots of butterflies in their stomachs.

The Father asks whether they both accept each other as spouses. They look in each others eyes and say yes. Exchange of the rings and they are asked to kiss in front of the whole World. The first dance. Divine.

And now, they are declared as one. Forever..
A bottle of Champagne. Cheers for their new life. A new beginning..

The wedding doesn't end here. It starts. :)


  1. happy marriage celebrations in advance!
    and also happy marriage anniversary in advance :P

  2. I wish I could celebrate it right now! Crrraazzy about it..! :D

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