January 12, 2011


Influenced from on-the-why.blogspot.com. :P

Whirls in my mind, as my exams come on the doorstep. But I'm not at all worried this time. Seriously. Rather I don't want to tell myself that 'you aren't prepared for the examination'. Whatever it may be, I feel it is being just a burden for everyone in my class. First, we had thought, 'SSC is cleared, now we can relax'. But it wasn't that.

When I searched for some pass time, I was already under the pressure that I have to study like a book worm again, for HSC. That had really disappointed me, and it still does. I feel as if I'm just meant for the same thing. And I'm a piece with some information in her white matter, and is just moved from one place to another to do the same job, which I don't like.

It is all about frustration right now. I'm up to the mark in studies, till where I can reach.
It feels like someone has kept a load on my head.
I am in the hope that I'll be free after HSC at least. At least, there will be some space for my white matter to develop more. For the poor old BC's to worn out and get new ones. Which will no matter, make me fresh, out of the scramble..
Awaiting for it..