May 27, 2011

Dump Deskers

Pricking by a needle. Its injustice. Injustice to tell students that they have failed. Who the hell are the paper checkers to tell another person to stop trying cause they have failed? Have these people never themselves scored less marks? Why is the concept of passing and failing made here!
Its rubbish to think about the competition at this stage. I know competition is there. But WHY does it exist?!
Whatever the education system is, I find it wrong. Wrong in many aspects.

Students getting higher percentage stay happy by saying that our system is fantastic but what about the students who strive for admission? They stay back by watching their friends forward. They loose hope, confidence, everything. Their parents get disappointed. Everyone starts cursing them for their work. Is it correct? obviously not. And those who think its correct may dump their shit head.



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  2. Thats the damn problem I'm talking about.

  3. Earth is a pandemonium of humans with their greed for development.I repeat, greed.

  4. Not only greed for development. Greed for just being on the top.

  5. Hardly do people realize that exams serve only as a means, (that too an insignificant one), and not an end, towards gathering knowledge...