September 19, 2011

The Sand Timer

I'm reaching there, yet.
Wait, wait for me.
Filled with the great days and I'm coming now..
So wait, wait for me.

I'm coming, with all the memories in my heart.
May they come back soon, with all another part.
So wait, wait for me.

The luxury of the sky of love..
Immense, having its own essence..
I wanna feel the luxury, again.
So wait, wait for me.

Let me feel the breeze again,
Let me touch the sky again..

I can't see you, wait for me.
You have gone, gone forever..
And here I am. Alone.
Me and my memories..

Time has left me, it has gone forever.
It went slipping, slipping like sand..
The days won't come back,
The time won't come back..
All I could say is wait, wait for me..