December 01, 2011

Deep And Shallow

'People' has always interested me in some way or the other. May it be good or bad. Good in the way, people have known me and bad in the way, I have known them.

In the past, people knew me just by the way I seemed to be- over acting girl, a tom boy, selfish, innocent etc etc. The things haven't changed much but they really seem to be changing gradually. And the changes go up and down, some say I'm an angry young woman, some say 'you CAN get angry?'

People have always bothered me, when they criticize me or when they please me. A girl who can think deeply on any damn thing, I can describe myself.

Taking advantage of the little much innocence left in me, is the worst thing anyone does. It's ongoing always, taking advantage, according to me. Taking advantage or maybe purposely hurting the human in me.There are people in my life who'll enjoy watching me cry, laugh at me and feel happy when my relationships are into pieces. I have hatred towards such people. And when I make up mind to hate them and ignore them, they return and turn up apologizing, with which again the innocence in me adults and I forgive. Forgiving, sometimes, is the worst thing in the world.
In the present, I am here with less of innocence, more of anger leading me no where. But still I am happy. What's better? The innocence or anger on everything? 
Confusing enough to again make me think deeply..

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