January 03, 2012

That relationship.

Ever since I understood the meaning of relationships, since then I found myself alone, somewhere, somehow. In something or the other, I need someone. Someone who'll understand every now and then of my life, someone who'll really care if I'm not well. That person who'll scold and get angry on me when I'm foolish, careless. The person who'll also love me the way even my parents don't.

A feeling inside me or rather a need inside me always wants a sibling, a brother, who'll be by my side when my parents think I'm wrong but who'll also scold me when I'm wrong, when I come home late at night, when I be with bad boys...Who'll kick the ass of the guy who tries to look at me when he's with me, who'll silently caress me when I'm lying on the bed with three blankets on me (:P), but on the other end, who'll tease me on bestest dance by me ever, by saying 'kids danced better than you!'

I miss it, I miss every single thing I see between other brothers and sisters. Their love, affection, everything. And I miss always is, the presence of an elder brother..