August 09, 2012


Seed to a bud, a bud to a flower. The nature's cycle, same as that of a human life. The time we take birth and then gradually get older and older as time passes.
When I turned from a seed to a bud, it was a whole long process as it is in everyone's life. Though everyone has different experiences than every other person..

There was a time when I started walking, and then it became, falling down from a cycle. Every time, every bit of the moments, two very special people, of course my Mum and Dad were always with me. When I walked down in the school and made friends, some more special people were added to my tiny life. Some more good days and then I grew older. Older enough to understand who and what everyone is.  
Those other special people were replaced by some other people.. 
And a special person for me (at that time) came into existence, for me. Everything actually went on changing, amazing me with the fact that how every person has replaced some other person, yet how somethings really remained constant. 

As time passed, everything abruptly changed, as if their was some kind of revolution happening, some kind of energy has changed every thing. But then, again according to nature's law, I adjusted to it. Some more special people came into my life and again the history repeated itself. 

Somehow, I understood what is life all about. it wasn't just my tiny world now. I had faced so many people, I had learnt so many things. It didn't just seem to be as easy as anyone imagines. Now was the phase when I actually understood, what "special" people really mean. They were always my parents. 

And now, when life went on a track, it had to cross some other line, according to the rule. And again some new things, some new "special" person entered in my life. Again amazing me, how the person really became one of the most important ones..

How ever the life was, how ever the life is, its totally as someone else's is. But as the latter, some different experiences, some special people and life became the best thing in the world. Some special moments when someone says "did you eat?", when someone gets jolly and says "we are awesome" when someone says "its okay" after nothing didn't really happen.. Always lived like a princess, living like a girl, with dreams in tiny things, will live like a woman with life.. :)

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