July 13, 2013

The He factor.

What is dominance all about? Is it just being "bossy" or does it refer just only to the nature of any particular person or does it relate to leadership qualities of an "ideal leader"? Quizzically real, dominance is just a state of mind which a person has when he starts thinking that he is superior. But here, by superior I do not mean his base of nature of acting. Superior in the context of thinking that the other one is inferior. This type of superiority complex arrives from the surroundings or precisely, the society in which we have been in since decades and even centuries.

Factually, the dominance of 'he' over 'she' is the most common or "universally accepted" dominance. Dominance when a girl is born and people start thinking about the dowry which they'll have to pay whereas when a boy comes up, its just the joy celebrated with sweets! 
Dominance when you tell a girl to not get educated just because your boy has to and you do not have enough money for both! 
Dominance when you do not teach your kids better and after they grow up, the wife is blamed that she did not teach better!
Dominance is when you tell your wife to wake up early and make food for you or your kids but you do not help her in carrying even the used cup back in the kitchen! 
It is when the society gets worried for girl when she's at the age of marriage but the society never cared when she was young! 
It is when you tell her to not go out late at night, and when your son comes back at 3 am, it is fair enough to be a GUY! 
It is also when a guy makes 10 girlfriends, he becomes a stud and when she makes those 10 boyfriends, she becomes a used piece of shit! 
It is also when there's a baby care room in a ladies' toilet but not one in the gents'. 
It is when you tell your girl to pick up the stuff or serve, when guests are home and you do not tell the guy to help her out! 
It is when you tell a girl that she has to learn to house-make but you, yourself do not know its 'h'. It is when you tell your daughters, sisters or girlfriends to not wear short or indecent clothes, but you wear a pair of jeans hanging below your buttocks showing off that jockey.
Dominance is when a rape takes place and the world still blames that girl!

These things, plus or minus, pessimistically or optimistically, real or unreal, are supposed to be there, somewhere in the air around you, constantly present but you cannot see it. Might be a condition that some of you have not ever gone through anything of this, or may be some of you have gone through everything of this. These are not the only things to be listed of, this space is too short to list them all at one go. When you realize that you have to accept the facts, you'll realize the facts are not so simple, yet not so difficult to accept too.


  1. This is true, and sad too. I so wish the tables to turn. 'He' doesn't know what hardship is. 'She' knows. She is better, period.

  2. Very few 'he'(s) like you realize this. :)