December 28, 2013

Stepping forward by not being backward

Being that one girl or a woman, no different than any other. Having simple dreams, wishing for a prince charming, wishing that her Dad becomes immortal, wishing that she doesn't have to leave her house even after marriage..

Challenging our customs or age old traditions according to our own "religions" has always taken my interest. It has always surprised me in every possible way. I know what I think is right and wrong in some way or the other but everyone's thoughts are supposed to be that way. Like every other woman, I never want to leave my house, my parents, my city, my friends, my colleagues. All these things question me. They make me think, why girls are supposed to leave everything, but I do not have the question why don't boys have to leave everything instead of girls, because its not fair. Its not fair to tell anyone or to decide for someone that he/she has to do this or that. Why do all these things have to be inevitable in the Indian families? Why do we have to consider what others will think if we go against the religion? Why do we have to be afraid to tell our own parents that we are an atheist and we cannot believe in God like they do? Why, even after being an atheist will a girl have to adjust after marriage if the family is orthodox?

There are no encyclopedia-cal answers to these questions because we don't think out of the world which has been till now. We don't see the person open minded-ly, who is in fact, being open minded. Who is telling you not just to open your eyes, but who is telling you, your eyes can move in 360 degrees.
I have always been a person who believes that there is a world, which has Science in it rather than a world which has astrology in it. A true believer of herself when she gets successful rather than believing that God made her successful. Who will not believe in astrology just because she thinks its not fake but only a mind game.

The people who believe in me, are few, only because I dare to be different. I dare to go out of the silly box and boundary created around me. Daring here does not mean not being afraid of the dark, it means walking by it, searching for a candle somewhere. Accepting me, understanding me, is difficult. Now, I am not afraid to say that, yes it is difficult.

Dreaming for a prince charming or even the people around me, has a definition that they understand me by what I am because I understand them by what they are. That they accept me as I am, just because I have accepted them always, as they are. That not trying to change me, only except the fact when I'm genuinely wrong, because I don't try to "change" anyone because they are different than I am. That respecting my thoughts when I place in front of them, just because I have to follow the customs even when I don't will to.
I have always dream't of a future house in which I will be me, just my surname will change, according to the "custom". Where he will understand why am I in his house, rather than him thinking that I have just entered his property. Where they will understand me when I say, I want to follow my hobbies, even if they don't suit my age. Where my happiness will matter to them, more than "other people". Where my kids will love me because of who I am and what I have always strive to be, because I know, they are my kids, and they, after all, are my people. :)          

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