October 08, 2014


Once, it was the time when it was all subtle. The biggest happiness would be jumping from a compound wall and the most famous secret would be a crush. It changes when we grow up, this change happens in everyone's life. What's the big deal?

Is it a big deal when you have some friends and some more good friends, and few of them just leave you at some point of time. Is it a big thing?

As a matter of fact, it is. It seems like a big problem of life while going through it. But, when looked back, it seems to disappear and you feel free but like a fool to be so worried about such a small thing back then. There are ups and downs, highs and lows everywhere and every point. Its just a way which matters, to deal with things.

When I have a row with my person, it seems like the end of the world, but everything is fine again. It is not even remembered the next day morning. Quite something like 'raat gayi baat gayi'! But are relationships same too, like friendship? Can they be forgotten so easily? Why is it so hard to see them go, see them go with someone else? Is it so hard to give your fullest? Or is it so hard to see the other person give their fullest? Or is it just not wise to hold on to somethings just because they mean something. They mean something and sometimes, everything.

We spend 80% of our life's span in making the other person happy, but does it matter? Do we, let it matter? Do we pay enough attention to it? Why is it so, when a person is away, you miss them more? You realize their importance? And if the relationship is so strong, then why does some other person be able to ruin it so easily? Are we so weak? Are we idiots that we cannot think? Are we bitches to interfere in someone else's life so much that their life becomes hell? Why don't we think about other people? What makes us so selfish?