November 15, 2017

State Of Denial

Love is a forbidden thing nowadays, the most purest thing that exists on this planet is forbidden. Its deeply saddening to know people are afraid of love now, they are afraid of falling into it, thinking of it as a trap. It is suffocating for certain people and a feeling of bliss, only for a handful. Those who seek, do not get it, those who get loved do not want it. A feeling of oddity, one must say. 

There is a constant question in my head, why? Why are people becoming more afraid of love, of commitment, of desire and fire?
While I seek that answer, I realize how we think, how we develop in this modern age full of artificial intelligence. We find places to subside the feeling deep inside us because we are afraid. Afraid of that feeling of rush inside us. It is scary, sure; not the feeling of love, the will to hide.

The modern world is a monster, not just out of an article in a daily newspaper which suggests its eating our brain bit by bit, till we break down on small things and finally disappear nowhere to be found. The thumb lock condition, the mental breakdown, frustration on a cancelled plan, depression of a teenager; its all there but purposely overlooked. Why again? Too afraid to accept?

Its a normal day to see a person (age no bar) walking across a busy road, not looking up, not looking at the building that collapsed, a building that's shining, a rainbow that's arising, or a person that's drowning. Why? Too afraid to leave someone on a blue tick?

There is no love without feeling, there is no feeling without love. The human robot gets a citizenship and we feel the chill through us that the world is changing! How long did that feeling last? Did you Like it and scroll down? 

Love is a sacred thing for a holy being, who knows what it takes to love. To love a person, a thing, a family, a nation, the planet. The state of denial is what it will take to destroy us, not even leaving an expansion joint for the moment of truth before it collapses..